Primer Certamen Literario ESID Liceo la Paz “Retelling Fairy Tales”


El pasado mes de marzo, como broche a la celebración del Día Internacional de la Mujer, dábamos a conocer a nuestros alumnos la organización del primer certamen literario del ESID Liceo la Paz bajo el título “Retelling Fairy Tales: Stories for equality”.


El objetivo principal del certamen fue el de promover una imagen de la mujer más actual y alejada de los cánones establecidos en la antigüedad, ya que en la mayoría de los cuentos y historias populares éstas siempre aparecen como protagonistas sumisas en un mundo dirigido por y para el hombre.


Como objetivo secundario, podemos mencionar otro elemento clave a la hora de promover la educación de nuestros alumnos: fomentar su creatividad. A día de hoy, este elemento ha adquirido una gran relevancia en el mundo actual, ya que nos ayuda (y en este caso ayuda a nuestros alumnos) a generar ideas y conceptos nuevos, crear asociaciones previamente desconocidas y estimular un pensamiento que se encuentra en continuo movimiento. La creatividad es fundamental para mantenernos en pie en un mundo tan competitivo como en el que vivimos, un mundo donde las ideas originales son realmente escasas y nos diferencian del resto.


¿En qué consistió el certamen?


Los alumnos participantes tuvieron que escoger una historia o varias historias de cuentos tradicionales como por ejemplo los cuentos de los Hermanos Grimm o Hans Christian Andersen y darle una «vuelta de tuerca», dejando volar su imaginación al objeto de conseguir que su creación fuera una historia de liberación, de respeto pero sobre todo, de igualdad. Todo ello sin olvidarnos de otro aspecto muy importante: la utilización de una lengua extranjera que sea impartida en ESID Liceo la Paz.




Como todo buen certamen, este debe tener su premio. Para la ocasión escogimos dos libros: «Brazen: Rebel ladios who rocked the world» de Pénélope Bagieu y «The Help» de Kathryn Stockett; junto con unos bolígrafos y unos lápices, para que nuestros jóvenes talentos nunca dejen de escribir y de enseñar al mundo que se puede soñar a lo grande. Y, mejor aún, que se puede soñar con un mundo en el que reine la igualdad entre hombres y mujeres.



A continuación, os presentamos la historia ganadora del certamen:


Upside Down World


Once upon a time, in a world turned upside down, there was a lovely couple made by Peter Pan and Bashful. Bashful wasn’t shy anymore and neither coy & Peter Pan didn’t have to hide anymore inside his wardrobe. As we said, both were having a love relation and one day they decided that they were ready to become a family and have kids. They were ready for it, yes. However, they thought a lot about this important decision as they didn’t know if today’s world was ready for more offsprings… Maybe too much weight for the earth? Who knows?


After lots, lots, lots of talking they decided that they’re ready. So they decided to visit an in vitro fertilization clinic to have their baby. They took a look to the wide catalogue of candidates. All of them seemed quite appropriate women. From architects to politicians, to UN ambassadors… What a difficult decision! Finally, Peter & Bashful choose a literature teacher specialized on Shakespeare and love literature as her favorite books where those in which the Prince has to be saved by the Princess… Beautiful stories, am I right?


Would you like to know her name? Her name was Beauty, and she got her degree on literature after reading all the books she found in her little town and after being captive in a tower, reading & studying her degree online, of course, as she was locked. They said that it was due to love reasons. But, who on earth can believe something like that? Imprisoned for love?


Shall we go back to the story? – Yes, please – .


As we were saying, Peter & Bashful were having a baby thanks to artificial insemination. And, after nine difficult months, they had a strong and intelligent baby girl. Some people were saying that she was really beautiful as Beauty, but nobody really care about that. At the end, beauty doesn’t feed you… She had a really long inspiring career, she travelled a lot and she was her own boss the owner of one of the most important and powerful business in the world: Zara. But, deep inside her heart, she was feeling alone. She was lacking something: a baby of her own.


So, she decided to go to the same clinic where her parents had gone twenty years before and there she rented a belly so somebody can carry her seed… But, something happened, and you’ll never imagine it unless I tell you… after inseminating the man, he got pregnant, yes. But nobody was expecting SEXTUPLETS. When the kids grew up, they used to spent lot of time with their granddads in Neverland and for that reason, they became widely known as the new “lost children”.


As you may imagine, being a kid is not always easy. And unfortunately, these little kids… well not kids anymore, teenagers already, suffered bullying at school. Can you imagine who the bully was? Tinkerbelle. Yes, that little, tiny & shiny fairy… and all this time thinking she was good! The thing is that she was in love with Bashful. Didn’t she realize that he was gay? And above all, old? I mean, he was one of the most handsome guys in the reign – George Clooney style – but there’s an ocean full of fish, girl! And worst, how are you capable of bullying the grandsons of your loved one? Fairies, if you can understand them, buy them!


The problem was that Tinkerbelle didn’t know that somebody else loves her. Someone furious, big, strong and ferocious: the Beast! The same Beast that one day decided to put Beauty behind the bars of that gloomy tower. We have to admit that Beast tried to impress Tinkerbelle in many ways but none of them was enough for the little shiny demon. So, in revenge, Beast decided to play a trick on the kids, the ones that Tinkerbelle bully everyday to call their grandpa’s attention. Can you imagine the trick?


The Beast created a fake account on Instagram and out of a sudden, he was another teenager. He started to talk with the “lost children” and one day he decided to send them a message to meet after the school. The “lost children” were really naïve. But, what can we expect from 6 boys growing up reading literature written for men? They also wanted to be saved by a princess! They wanted to live happily ever after as in the books her mother read to them & they thought that the beast undercover and disguised could be the right one…


Only God knows why, or maybe not God but Walt Disney knows, how Tinkerbelle was able to find out all about this HUGE problem… and despite being bad and the bully at the beginning she decided to do the right thing and tell the teachers in the school! So, from that moment onwards nobody else will mess around with her new friends, the Lost Kids!


Ismael Castrege & Antonia Toral

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